Bodies R Us Moving to West View Park Plaza

The women's only health club reopens July 5.

The Health club is scheduled to reopen today at its new location at 1000 West View Park Plaza. 

Club owner Lisa Brown said she closed at her former location at 153 Perry Highway on Sunday.

"We mailed out about a thousand letters to members, telling them about the move, but I guess not everyone opened their mail," she said. 

North Hills Patch received several inquiries about the club. 

"My former landlord raised the rent, and I had no choice but to move or go out of business," said Brown.

The gym's new location is in the southeast corner of West View Park Plaza, on the first floor of the

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Sarah September 09, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I can totally see why Lisa changed her gym name to W.O.W. because that is all I can say after reading her comments!
west view resident October 05, 2012 at 04:35 PM
As someone who joined the "new gym up over the hill" that is "dupulicating" everything, I have to say that although I never went to BRU, I'm sure glad I joined the 'copycat' gym. Nothing but nice employees, the owner is fantastic, and there's a great vibe. That's half the appeal. The other half is it's locations and the space - how big and open it is, with all the windows. If people on this site are 'whining' I am pretty sure they have valid complaints. I have overheard the quiet gossip between former BRU members who are "up the hill" now, and am VERY happy I didn't have to deal with what they did. From all I can gather, the copy is better than the original.
C Love November 06, 2012 at 12:26 PM
In my opinion, (and I am a business owner) First things first. An apology is well over due here.... How about something along the lines of I am so sorry for any inconvenience this sudden move has caused our valued members!!! Unfortunaly the mailing didnt reach all of you??? We are working hard to work out all the kinks???? I will say that we would all feel a bit better if a little compassion was given. But instead you have aggressive and argumentitive responses. I agree that moving is tough but signage is a must and the fact that he web site not being updated is unacceptable. I loved this gym and its simplicity....I feel that for the sole purpose of excercise it was perfect. I heard many horror stories of Lisa Brown that I always ignored because I never witnessed any of her rumored rudeness. As I read through these all of the above comments, it is now clear that they were probally all true....sadly. LB you are your worst enemy....just have some understanding that people are frustrated by all this sudden change and disorganization! If you are polite and compassionate I promise you will get a lot farther in life and most of all with you VALUED (not as polite at saying paying) Members!
Kara February 26, 2013 at 06:59 PM
if the gym "bodies r us" moved where is the location now?


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