Nearby: Pine Market District to Add Curbside Express Service

Customers can order groceries online and pick them up at the curb.

Imagine pulling up to the curb in front of Pine Market District and having your groceries loaded into your car—even though you never set foot in the store to actually shop for them.

All a customer has to do is order groceries online at MarketDistrict.com/Curbside and then pick them up at the front of the store at pre-determined time and date. 

The service was launched at the Robinson Market District in April 2012, and Robinson store team members have processed hundreds of orders to date. 

Market District team members act as personal shoppers and select the items on the grocery list and bring them to the store’s dedicated outside Curbside Express Pick-Up vehicle lane on the selected date and time. 

Customers are able to pay for their orders while in their cars, and team members load the items into the vehicle.  The fee for this service is waived on the first order and is $4.95 per order thereafter. 

“Market District’s Curbside Express makes grocery shopping more convenient than ever for our time-pressed customers,” said Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Rob Borella. 

“Building on the popularity of our Giant Eagle mobile app and eOffers digital coupons, Curbside Express brings grocery shopping to your nearest desktop, or even to the palm of your hand.”

Borella said customers can choose from thousands of items the same way one would in the store.

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McKnightmare January 07, 2013 at 02:09 PM
1. We're forgetting this actually started in the Shadyside store before the Robinson store. 2. Are the people of Pine really getting that lazy that they can't get out of their cars anymore to perform a simple task? Are we getting THAT lazy America that we have to have others do out shopping? What's next? Preparing and feeding the food at people's houses?
Ferg January 07, 2013 at 03:20 PM
This kind of service and home deliveries has been going on for years in other cities. I am happy to see it coming to Wexford. When you work full time or have children, its nice to know you can save time. Time we can spend with our families. I would love to see this come to Ross Twp as well!
Mark A. January 07, 2013 at 06:53 PM
You are very cynical. My wife did this the other day, and instead of dragging our 3 year old howling in a shopping cart she was able to spend that time educating the child and engaging in active play.


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