Thanksgiving Price Check: Good Cents vs. Bottom Dollar Foods

Patch bought six identical or very similar items at Ross Township's two, side-by-side discount grocery stores to see which had the lower prices.

When it comes to a grocery list of mini-marshmallows, cream of chicken soup, fresh yams, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, Bottom Dollar Food is a better bargain than Good Cents.

At least when we shopped Thursday afternoon. All of the items we purchased were the same size and either identical, or comparable brands. 

We did take advantage of the Bottom Dollar membership card, which resulted in lower prices on four of the items. Good Cents also has a membership card, but their prices are the same with or without the card. Instead, card-carrying customers are offered Good Cents coupons, and are entered in a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card.

Item Good Cents Bottom Dollar Cranberry Sauce (store brand) $0.88 $0.77 Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup $1.49 $1.09 Mini-marshmallows (store brand) $1.19 $0.98 Fresh Yam (0.08 lb) $0.33


(2) Stuffing (14 oz) $4.76 $4.96 Totals $8.65 $8.03

Have you been to both stores? Which do you prefer? Tell us in the comments box below.

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andy November 16, 2012 at 02:59 PM
No surprise there. Bottom Dollar Food is very price aggressive. And I find "My Essentials" and Hannaford private labels to be of better quality than valu-time. I think the Bottom Dollar Food flying orange piggybank mascot has something to do with their lower prices. Hoping you continue with a weekly or bi-weekly price survey between the two stores. There hasn't been this kind of next-door grocery competition anywhere for a long time.


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