Should Congress Enact Tougher Gun Laws?

The shootings in Aurora, CO, last week raise questions about gun laws for armor-piercing bullets, magazines and assault weapons.

In the wake of the shooting in Aurora, CO, some officials are calling again for tougher gun laws.

Baltimore County, MD, police Chief James Johnson and other law enforcement officers spoke at the National Press Club this week, supporting the notion that a high-capacity magazine like one used in the Aurora shooting “simply has no place in civilian hands,” according an article in the Los Angeles Times.

“It is ridiculous to argue that hunters or civilians who own weapons for self-defense need a 100-round drum magazine,” he said in the LA Times. “As we have seen, people don’t stand a chance against this kind of firepower.”

Police say the weapons and ammunition used by Aurora shooting suspect James E. Holmes were legally purchased.

Some officials are pushing for background checks and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said earlier this week that police officers across the nation should threaten to go "on strike" to press for more restrictions on armor-piercing bullets. Later, Bloomberg backed off that statement somewhat, noting that police in New York are not permitted to strike.

Legislation targeting ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds was introduced after the shooting of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tucson, but the measure has languished for more than a year in Congress.

Take our poll. Should Congress enact tougher gun laws to prevent citizens from owning assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets or high-capacity magazines?

Erin Conners August 02, 2012 at 05:48 PM
@Outraged - Then we will agree to disagree, as I do not think speaking in the abstract about government legislation is ever appropriate. Breeds misinformation and fear mongering. The fault is not in the question. I read the question and was inspired to read up on what is actually being discussed in congress right now, researched for hours and hours, and wrote an article (rather than try to respond in this mess). Therefore the question inspired digging for facts inside of reality and not raging against a machine that does not exist (yet...I am no prophet...Ha.). It was inspiration that I need too. National gun regulation is not really a big issue for me. USA involvement in international arms dealing is. So I thank this article for giving me that direction, and I my cyber eye roll stands over the response. I don't like when people are afraid or filled with rage against their govt without really knowing why. It makes me sad. :)
Erin Conners August 02, 2012 at 05:51 PM
That came off kind of self-righteous, and I did not mean it to be. I love discourse on politics and anything that encourages it. I just wish the conversations most typically had would be a little more relevant to reality. there is a lot of good information here...so how does it apply to actual legislation being discussed? The Arms Trade Treaty is huge! Obama's opposition should bring up a lot of attention and inquiry into the USA as the largest international arms dealer in the world! but I already wrote like 5 pages on the topic, so I will stop myself there. ;)
Outraged Citizen August 02, 2012 at 06:21 PM
@Erin – You never need to feel bad about coming off as self righteous. I hope you are willing to admit that all legislation (or the need for all legislation) is abstract until it is drafted, debated, amended, debated again, voted on and signed into law. The abstract is the birth place of legislation/public policy. To say the abstract has no place ever in discussions about the government would stifle it to a standstill. Wait a second, that might not be a bad idea. Ha! The topic of this thread is, “Should Congress Enact Tougher Gun Laws?” It’s natural that those who believe Congress should to suggest what those tougher laws might look like. It’s also natural for those who oppose to explain why tougher laws are not needed. Do these discussions become heated, yes they do. Do they get personal, you betcha! That’s what is great about issues that inspire such passion in participants. It is through this crucible that we get to the root of the issues and thoughts are laid bare.
cecil resident January 15, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Have you notice 99% of the people who are against guns and want stronger guns laws are the same people that are being protected by people carrying guns. Now that want to make the laws tougher so that I can't protect my family and home.
MSgt. John DeLallo January 16, 2013 at 03:50 PM
Yup, most of us have noted that politico's kids in D.C. go to a school with 12 armed guards. Most of us have noted that Bloomberg goes nowhere without a security detail. Most of us have noted that lifetime Secret Service protection extends to all living Presidents of the U.S. Worse, most of us have noted the specious arguments about "high cap magazines". My AR came from the factory with a 20 round and a 30 round mag. That would be "standard capacity", no? Interjecting hysteria into discussions about guns is the modus operandi of anti gunners. God forbid that facts, such as how many crimes are prevented each year by good guys with firearms, get in the way of an anti gun rant. If you are asking if many politicians are hypocrites, I guess the answer would be yes.


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