Watch Them All: West View Elementary Video Essays: Why Eat (or Not Eat) Turkey on Thanksgiving

The reasons these fourth graders give are often creative and humorous.

Fourth-graders at West View Elementary were given an Thanksgiving related writing assignment. It read, in part:

If you were a turkey, would you like to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner? Write a five-paragraph essay from a turkey's perspective about why you would or would not like to be chosen for a family's Thanksgiving meal. 

North Hills Patch was invited to videotape some of the students as they read their essays. We featured two of them each day through Thanksgiving Day.

The final two, from Acacia Uechi and Nick Izzi, are featured today, along with the other eight video essays we posted earlier in the week.

Our thanks to teachers Emily Aftanas and Mardy Byrnes, Amanda Hartle, Communications Coordinator of the North Hills School District, and ALL of the wonderful students at West View Elementary School.

To see more pictures, go to the North Hills Facebook page.


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