After the Fire: Studio Raw Salon Returning with Cupcake Shop and More in Ross Township

LaRaine Burda and her son, Dan, have big plans for the new building going up at 3185 Babcock Boulevard.

When fire destroyed their salon  at 3185 Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township  on May 18, it took the owners of the Studio Raw Salon  just four days to get back in business at a new, temporary location, about a mile up the road at 3471 Babcock Boulevard. 

So imagine what Lorraine Burda and son Dan can do when given several months to design their new salon? The answer is plenty.

"The ceiling in the new salon will be 26 feet high," said Lorraine Burda. “We are going to have 12 stylists working up there, we’re going to have our color bar in the center of the studio so that when we’re mixing our colors clients will see them. What we did is we designed an event center that we can do hair out of. Everything in the studio will be movable and portable."

And that's only the beginning. Studio Raw will also offer pedicures, manicures, facial treatments, and permanent makeup. And..

The Kimmy Cupcake Company is moving into the basement space originally occupied by Studio Raw. 

"Kimmy is a little person who is a pastry chef, she went to school for four years and she can’t seem to find a job because everything’s too big for her to work, so we’re building a bakery that’s going to be her scale," said LaRaine. "So half of our bakery will be a small scale for her, with all of the ovens and counters low, and then the other half of the bakery will be for an average height person that we’re going to have working there."

And what do Lorraine and son Dan know about cupcakes?

"He doesn’t know anything about cupcakes, I don’t know anything about cupcakes, but we know how to market a business, so that’s where we come in with Kimmy," she said.

Hard to argue with that logic when you consider that the hair salon, and the cupcake business is two of Dan's three businesses.

Dan and partner Rohn Neugebauer also run Raw Hogs, which Lorraine describes as a viral media company. According to its web site, Raw Hogs specializes in branding, design, web and media.

And there's talk of yet another enterprise for Dan and Rohn, a reality TV series about Dan's multi-faceted career. Lorraine could offer few details because of ongoing negotiations, but she said to stay tuned.

As for Studio Raw's grand reopening, the Burda's are hoping for January 25.

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Dan Burda November 14, 2012 at 01:37 PM
I would like to thank Pittsburgh for the out pouring of love. Also; my partner Rohn Neugebauer who is the "behind the scenes" owner of Studio Raw. He had been the shining star to make sure this new structure make a strong statement of dedication of atmosphere to our guests, and our Staff. Rohn is extremely passionate about creating an environment where people feel outside the box of life. I am so proud of the hard work you have put forth bro. We are excited to premiere Studio Raw 2.0 to our neighbors and friends!
misskiss November 14, 2012 at 01:57 PM
I can't wait to see the new digs. I know that I'm a new client, but I've never felt that way once since I've been coming in. Dan and the rest of the team make me feel at home. And what a fun time I have when I'm there! You can't beat it! The atmosphere and energy are incredible!!
Michael C Eisen November 14, 2012 at 08:41 PM
You will not find a group of more unique, kind, and qualified individuals than you find at Studio Raw. After you leave from an appointment, you realize you didn't just get a hair cut, you got an experience !!!! Michael Eisen
Scott Baret November 18, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Although I have not had my hair cut at Studio Raw, I have the utmost respect for the owners and feel they are a true class act. Anyone could have given up after the devastating loss of the building, but Studio Raw rose from the ashes as though nothing ever happened, becoming bigger, better, stronger, and a symbol of true strength in the community. Kudos to the Burda family for the rebuilding effort and also for giving Kimmy the chance to start the business of her dreams.


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