Couple Accused of Ross Township Christmas Eve Burglary Face Judge

The man's mother also appeared in court.

The niece of a North Hills Pastor and the woman's boyfriend, who are charged with breaking into her will stand trial.

 from the home of Rev. Michael Guthrie, pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in West View.

The gun belonged to Guthrie's late son, a missionary pilot, who died in a plane crash in Florida in 2010.

Kelly's mother, Teresa Lenz, 53, of Ross, is charged with hindering apprehension and obstructing administration of the law.  She is accused of attempting to hide her son and his girlfriend when a Ross police officer knocked on her door in an attempt to recover the stolen items.

Police said Guthrie told them that he suspected that his niece and her boyfriend were responsible for the burglary because of their known drug addiction. 

All three waived their rights to preliminary hearings Wednesday before District Magistrate Richard Opiela.

Police said they were able to locate the couple because they allegedly stole a vehicle from Shaler Township which was equipped with OnStar, which enabled police to track the vehicle's location.

Hirth and Kelly remain in the Allegheny County jail. Lenz is free on bond.

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Adolfo Oliver Nipples February 02, 2013 at 04:14 PM
These are the types of crimes where the punishment should be automatically enrolled into the military. Put together a unit where those on drugs are immediately enrolled into military. Let them fight for our country rather than sit in a jail and sponge off tax payouts dime. Let them earn there keep and freedom. A Dirty Dozen unit if you will
Keith L February 05, 2013 at 05:18 PM
These are the LAST kind of people who I want defending our nation! They are total cowards and completely untrustworthy. I say throw them off a boat onto the shores of Somalia where they can do as they please, steal as much as they want and fill their useless bodies full of drugs. They don't deserve to live in the USA.


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