Homeowner Complains to Ross Commissioners About Proposal to Ban Parking

Ross police have recommended the ban to end years of disputes on Fairley Road.

The Ross Township Board of Commissioners introduced a resolution Monday night to ban parking on the entire length of Fairley Road, after hearing from one resident who is vehemently opposed to it.

Pamela Heck, who lives at 100 Fairley Road, asked the Ross commissioners on Oct. 1 to make the entire road a no-parking zone, because of an ongoing dispute with a neighbor who she said had been parking a large, white van directly in front of her mailbox.

Complaints about Bill Ansell's vehicles from other neighbors prompted the Ross commissioners to extend the no parking zone along Fairley road in August. 

Ansell's brother, Robert, who owns the home in which his brother lives on Fairley Road, was highly critical of the idea.

"I think that's unfair to every resident up there," he told the board Monday night. "My property can only support two cars in the driveway, if you put no parking on the entire street, where is everybody going to park if they come to visit somebody? I don't think the township wants people parking in their yards, cause that's about what we'd be in the position to do." 

Commissioner Peter A. Ferraro said at the board's Nov. 7 meeting that after years of disputes in the neighborhood, a no-parking ban may be the only way to solve the problems.

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"In their report, police indicate they have responded to 49 parking complaints and two crashes," he said. "I think this is one of the best resolutions to the problem, and the last thing we can do."

Ansell blamed the problem on another property owner who extended their driveway, making the street too narrow. 

"You have tried a number of solutions, but why don't you do the right thing and have the people put their driveway back to where it's supposed to be, widen the street to what it's supposed to be," he said. "I think there's a better solution to this than making the entire street no parking."

Police Chief Robert Bellan told the board at their Nov. 7 meeting that other residents of Fairley Road understand why the ban is necessary.

"The corrections that the board did earlier this year solved one neighbors problem but have made just a horrible situation for another neighbor." he said. "The neighbors understand this, they've made arrangements with Eden Christian Academy, which is located nearby, that when they have visitors over or parties at the house, Eden is allowing them to use their parking lot."

Ansell accused the commissioners of being unfair to everyone.

"They've changed this no parking three times on this thing and we've done exactly what you've wanted. You move the no parking signs, we move the vehicles outside of the no parking area, you're not happy with that. What would make you guys happy?" he asked.

"There are definitely two sides to that conversation," said board President Grant Montgomery. "This was directed by the police department and based on the feedback we've gotten, and the direction we've been giving, we're going to move to introduce it tonight."

"What you're basically doing is screwing the people up there," Ansell responded.

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Barbara November 21, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Sounds like they think they need a tank to run over a fly. Please just don't send them to my street to park. Mine alreadty seems to be a choice spot for dumping old, unwanted vehicles and not moving them for months.
MDNR_Mom November 21, 2012 at 10:47 PM
I live in Ross, on a dead end street and suffer similar issues. My neighbor has two (2) driveways and when they have guests they all park on the street directly across from my driveway (instead of using 1 of the empty spaces in the driveway). This makes it extremely difficult for me, my husband and our guests to use my driveway. I've actually backed into one of their guest's car's while trying to exit my driveway. I have called the township many times over the last 22 years and their response has always been that if emergency vehicles can pass, their is nothing they can/will do. I am glad read that the township is doing something for someone. If the neighbor hasn't been able to apply the common sense he was born with, then they pretty much made the own bed and should simply lie in it and shut up. Reads to me like Ansell screwed himself, not the township. I have visited family in Maplewood, NJ where folks are only permitted to park on the street between 9 am - 9 pm. Any cars parked on the street from 9:01 pm - 8:59 am are ticketed. 3 tickets and then you are towed with a hefty impound fee that increases with repeated offenses. This might be another option.
Richard November 23, 2012 at 04:37 PM
I just drove up Fairley Rd to see what this is all about and there was a White Mercedes and a White Truck parked across from each other and I just barely got through. It is a Good Thing there is not a need for an AMBULANCE or FIRE TRUCK to go through Fairley Rd. UNREAL !
James November 24, 2012 at 02:04 AM
MYOB Richard! I just drove up Fairley Rd to see what this is all about" Worry about yourself, I'm sure there is enough there to keep you busy. Thats what is wrong with this country.....people are too concerned about other issues and not their own.


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