Pick-up Truck Lands in Girty's Run, Driver Hurt near Babcock Boulevard

Witnesses say the driver appeared to have suffered a seizure.

The driver of a Ford F-150 pick-up truck was hurt Friday night after he lost control, hit a billboard, then drove into  near the entrance to the convenience store at 3025 Babcock Boulevard.

Jeff Reynolds owns Kneiss' Miniature golf, which is less than a block south of the accident scene.

"I heard the first impact when he crashed into the sign, and the second impact when he jumped over the creek and landed on the far embankment," he said. "He was going north on Babcock, he went between the telephone pole and the billboard. He took out the support. The only thing holding it (the billboard) is the power lines."

The truck landed on the opposite side the creek, just below the bridge which carries traffic over Girty's Run to the Sheetz store.

Witnesses say the driver was conscious when paramedics pulled him from the truck, and placed him on a stretcher.

"They said he was driving and suddenly veered off to the left. He was awake when the paramedics got to him." said Bethany Hallam, who had pulled into the Sheetz parking lot moments before the accident.

The name, age and condition of the driver were not released.

Reynolds said the timing of the accident was fortunate.

"If it had happened a half an hour earlier the (golf course) parking lot was full of cars and kids," he said. "It could have been a lot worse."

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