Corbett Budget Proposal Raises Funding for North Hills Schools

The increase in proposed funding comes

Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed 2013-14 budget is expected to provide Pennsylvania school districts with more than $9.83 billion in taxpayer assistance.

For the North Hills School District, this translates to a a $760,503 increase for the 2013-14 school year, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. However, David Hall, North Hills School District Finance and Operations Director, said some of the numbers provided by the state don't add up.

By his calculation, the increase is actually $636,307 and $505,000 of that is for retirement funding. Hall says that only $131,000 is an increase for actual operations and in a $65,000,000 budget, that represents an actual increase of 0.2-percent.  

Net pension savings for North Hills are proposed at $392,572.

In comparison, the North Allegheny School District is projected to receive a nearly $1.5-million increase while Seneca Valley would receive a $992,000 increase.

The district is in the midst of coming up with a preliminary budget, which must be voted on by the end of June. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the state funding numbers.

North Hills School District 2012-13 2013-14 (proposed) Basic Education Funding $5,483,939 $5,644,549 School Employees' Social Security $1,274,978 $1,310,124 Pupil Transportation $807,128 $757,319 Non-Public & Charter School Pupil Transportation $188,164 $174,823 Special Education Funding $2,237,360 $2,226,173 School Employees' Retirement $1,930,433 $2,435,324 Total $11,922,002 $12,682,605

To see a breakdown in state funding for North Hills and other districts, click here.

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David February 13, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Basic addition shows that the column of numbers presented in this story for 2013-14 adds up to $12,548,312, not the $12,682,605 shown in the story or on the state website that the reporter used to obtain these figures. Thus the difference between the reported increase and the actual increase being proposed is not a claim or some special computation, it is simply basic math. Thanks for at least pointing out that the error exists even if you didn't correct this addition problem.


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