Northway Mall Owner: We Want to 'Bring Life Back' to the Mall as Soon as Possible

Levey & Company promising to work with the mall's nearby neighbors.

By his own admission, Gary G. O'Nesti, special projects director for Akron-based developer Levey and Company, said it could be 18 months before any real work begins to renovate and rejuvenate the Shoppes at Northway , more commonly referred to as the Northway Mall.

 O'Nesti told the crowd of over 200 mostly nearby residents that plans for the mall, and the adjacent Northway elementary school property, are in the very preliminary stages and he hopes many of the current tenants are part of the new mall.

O'Nesti said Sunday that while plans are drawn up and approved, the mall won't be standing still.

“While we are in the design phase, we want to invite trade shows, and temporary tenants back to the mall," he said. "We want to bring life back to the Northway Mall as soon as possible while we go through the process of deciding what’s next.”

O'Nesti said Levey & Company will work hard to honor Northway's past.

“People remember Northway Mall as a destination, we want to bring back that feeling again," he said. "We will continue to display pictures from the mall in it’s heyday, as we work to plan its future.”

Many in the audience on Dec. 5 expressed concern about increased traffic, particularly if the current entrance to Northway Elementary off of Brown's Lane becomes another access point for the new mall.

Commissioner Peter Ferraro tried to ease those fears.

"We recognize there are a lot of concerns from the residents and we intend to address all these concerns that you have," he said. "The traffic on Brown's Lane will be at the forefront of the discussions we will have with Levey and Company."

O'Nesti echoed those sentiments of promising to listen to everyone's concerns.

“We are still in the planning stages, but I promise you we will work together to make Northway Mall a destination again for people all around the region.”

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McKnightmare December 10, 2012 at 03:21 AM
I thought they changed the name to "Shoppes at Norway". I think they should completely change the name after it is all done, to erase the past. Future progress with a future name. If it is going ot take 18 months, I would take a guess to say that most people would have lost interest by then. The design looks like a lot of it will have to be torn down, so it is really 'preserving' anything?
Scott Baret December 11, 2012 at 03:13 AM
If you look closely at the proposed design, the current building is preserved but probably will be heavily overhauled, both inside and out. The 1995 renovations are starting to look dated and are in need of some TLC. They did change to Shoppes at Northway when the upper level was partially demolished. I would be in favor of keeping the Northway name (my proposal used the name Northway Nouvelle) but the "shoppes" needs to be dropped and "mall" would not make sense. If not Northway Nouvelle, how about Northway Center?


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