Occupy Pittsburgh Plans to Rally at Romney Fundraiser

The group plans protest Thursday at Republican Committee of Allegheny County luncheon.

Members of Occupy Pittsburgh have announced that  will take place at 10:30 a.m. outside the Console Energy Center on Thursday, Oct. 27, when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hosts the Republican Committee of Allegheny County's (RCAC) luncheon fundraiser.

Occupy Pittsburgh said in a statement that "Romney has called the non-violent Occupy Movement, 'dangerous class warfare,' " and referred to Romney as a member of the 1 percent controlling much of America’s wealth.

Occupy Pittsburgh was developed by residents of southwestern Pennsylvania as part of the 99 percent  known in New York City as Occupy Wall Street.

The group held a march and rallies Oct. 15 in downtown Pittsburgh and continues to camp and demonstrate outside BNY Mellon Green. 

Romney's fundraiser is closed to the media. 

To learn more about the rally, click here

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