Ross Commissioners Move Closer to Granting Resident's Wish for No-Parking Ban on Her Entire Road

Ross police recommend the ban to end years of disputes on Fairley Road.

The Ross Township Board of Commissioners plan to vote at their Nov. 19 meeting on a proposal to ban parking on the entire length of Fairley Road.

Pamela Heck, who lives at 100 Fairley Road, asked the Ross commissioners on Oct. 1 to make the entire road a no-parking zone, because of an ongoing dispute with a neighbor who she said had been parking a large, white van directly in front of her mailbox.

Complaints about Bill Ansell's vehicles from other neighbors prompted the Ross commissioners to extend the no parking zone along Fairley road in August. 

Commissioner Peter A. Ferraro said after years of disputes in the neighborhood, a no-parking ban may be the only way to solve the problems.

"In their report, police indicate they have responded to 49 parking complaints and two crashes," he said. "I think this is one of the best resolutions to the problem, and the last thing we can do."

Police Chief Robert Bellan told the board that other residents of Fairley Road understand why the ban is necessary.

"The corrections that the board did earlier this year solved one neighbors problem but have made just a horrible situation for another neighbor." he said. "The neighbors understand this, they've made arrangements with Eden Christian Academy, which is located nearby, that when they have visitors over or parties at the house, Eden is allowing them to use their parking lot."

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Paladin November 08, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I cannot understand why this is such an issue. How about simply making it an ordinance that you cannot park in front of a mailbox. Simple, problem solved. Then if he parks there call the police and have him towed. After a few tows and fines I would think he would stop parking there. It is illegal to open someones mail so I would think blocking access to it would be the same. I would also add that after three times being fined for the exact same offense would result in his vehicle being seized. Then sell it at auction. Banning it on the entire street seems like chopping off an arm because of a paper cut. Personalty I cannot understand how someone can be so ignorant and do that in the first place but maybe that is just me.
McKnightmare November 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Why not move the mailbox? That'll teach 'em.
Barbara November 08, 2012 at 06:02 PM
I've had a car parked in front of my house that hasn't moved since aug 23. Ross police say that okay since tags are current. Seems to me there's a state law if not a local ordinance on inoperable vehicles. Seems to be a good spot for disposing of junk cars. 2nd one this year.


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