Done Deal: Shoppes at Northway Sold to Ohio Firm

Akron based LRC Realty, Inc. is promising to redevelop the nearly 439,000 square foot mall.

An Ohio real estate developer announced today it had purchased the Shoppes at Northway, better known to many Ross township residents as the Northway Mall, for an undisclosed sum.

Akron based LRC Realty, Inc., formerly Levey and Company, purchased the 438,900 square foot mall from current owner Jefferson-Pilot Investors, a division of Lincoln Financial. Jefferson-Pilot purchased the property through sheriff's sale earlier this year.

"LRC intends to redevelop The Shoppes at Northway and is very excited about the project’s future," said statement issued by the company. "During the last few months, LRC has been busy meeting with tenants, residents and township officials to further develop their plans."

“The Shoppes at Northway, with its rich tradition for shopping and its excellent location along McKnight Road in the North Hills, will provide a tremendous opportunity to re-invent the mall and provide both expanded shopping, dining and entertainment to the area as well as economic/job growth for the region,” said Frank A. Licata, Principal and President of LRC Realty.

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LRC Realty completed the acquisition of two properties along McKnight Road in Ross Township – the addition of AutoZone and Dollar Tree to the formerly vacant Roth Carpet location and the former McCrackin Ford property.

No plans for the former McCrackin property have been revealed.

Ross Township  and West View  residents will get their first glimpse at what may be planned for the Shoppes at Northway when LRC Realty holds a public meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. in the upper level of the mall, just outside the entrance to Dick's Sporting goods. 

"I expect close to 200 people to attend," said commissioner Peter A. Ferraro Monday night.

At a meeting on Nov. 19 Ferraro said of the potential plans for the mall, "They don't have any firm contracts yet, what they've discussed has been hypothetical. It's going to be relocating some of the establishments up there, they're talking about professional office space for doctors and lawyers, they're talking about a restaurant, they're talking about another grocery store."

LRC is also purchasing the former Northway Elementary School, and reportedly plans to tear it down and possibly replace it with a hotel.

“We will eventually demolish the school building and integrate that site into the total master plan of development,” Kevin Fallon, Levey & Company's vice president of development told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review .

He, and other sources, have confirmed that some thought is being given to a hotel there.

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Are you planning to attend tonight's meeting? What would you like to hear from the developer about his plans for both the Shoppes at Northway and Northway Elementary? Tell us in the comments box below.

John December 04, 2012 at 07:45 PM
We moved into our home in Swan Acres more than 45 years ago, long before it was the commercial district that it was today. There wasn't even a stoplight at Roderick. While I'd love to see the mall thrive, I still want to see what is going to happen. The traffic flow through our neighborhood is already heavy and McCandless Crossing is just making it worse. It's easy to push for development when it isn't in your backyard.
Jose December 04, 2012 at 08:22 PM
I agree with John and as John did I moved here a good while ago when there was little around and live down in the Marie drive area, I am really talking about the plans for the northway school property of potentially making it a Hotel, lets see how would you feel if you lived along Browns Lane where your property used to be across or down the street from a school and now there will be a low cost most likely weekly stay hotel in its place that will bring in nothing but problems, all you have to do is look at all the police calls related to drugs, domestic disturbance and the like at the 3 other lost cost extended stay motels we have in Ross. What do you think that is going to do to property values in the area, etc. Do we really think there is a need for any more development in Ross township, really? And yes you are right that area is mostly commercial on the McKnight Road side, but there are many areas that are also residential, but over the years the township has allowed over-development without any plan for the most part and there are no buffers or middle areas between the 2. As far as your corn field comment when I bought my house there was a farm on Browns lane which is not all that long ago and I am no where near 100 years old. Where is there anywhere close to those homes where children can play , the northway school property wwas the last place, now it will be concrete, just what we need.
Darci Faiello December 04, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Jose, Where did you see that it is going to be a low cost motel? While talk of a motel is floating around and is strong in the rumor mill, I haven't heard any reference as to what type of motel it will be. While Inn Town Suites may have it's issues (by the way folks, the Adult store was there BEFORE Inn Town Suites was built), the Holiday Inn on McKnight Rd has been running a good business for years (aside from Wedding brawls and stuck elevators). So a high end hotel could be a good addition as it will bring in revenue as well as provide a place for people to stay in Ross as they support surrounding businesses with their money Will it affect traffic patterns in the area....sure...but so will anything else that goes in there and so did Northway Mall back in it's hey day. I've lived in the area long enough to remember the traffic jams at Northway Mall...especially on a Friday night when the movie theater was there.
Jose December 05, 2012 at 01:42 AM
I have seen the hotel idea mentioned in the news here and other news outlets as well I doubt it came from out of the blue I also feel that no high end hotel would ever develope that location as there is no draw for anyone to spend the money a high end howl would charge. So you are left with something of a low end to low hotel as we see on lower McKnight today. I truly hope it isn't a business like that as that is not what the residents of this this area need. It's different when it is not affecting you or others that have nothing on the line or lose equity you have built over a long time.
Joan O'Brien December 05, 2012 at 03:12 AM
If a grocery store is an option (which I am not recommending) I would like to see some competiion for Giant Eagle. I undertand that Wegman's is a high quality desireable chain of grocercy stores. I agree that it is sad to see the school, with its green areas & playground, be sold for commercial development. The people near Marie Drive did not expect this when they purchased their homes.


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