Opening Date Set for McKnight Road GetGo

The convenience store and gas station has been under construction since August.

The new GetGo at the intersection of McKnight Road and Browns Lane in Ross Township will open Thursday, Feb. 21, said Giant Eagle spokesman Dick Roberts.

Construction began in late August, and the transformation at the site has been dramatic. 

To help deal with the expected increase in traffic, the left turn lane northbound on McKnight Road has been lengthened, and the lower end of Brown's Lane has been widened to four lanes. 

The company also owns a GetGo store and gas station nearby at 5603 Babcock Boulevard, and it hopes construction of the new GetGo will alleviate some of the congestion around its Babcock location.

The site had been the long time home of the Demor's Lincoln-Mercury dealership.

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SLR February 08, 2013 at 07:59 PM
Another positive addition to the McKnight corridor.
bob haller February 08, 2013 at 11:16 PM
with giant eagle ending food perks ad devaluing gas perks they may find their new store doesnt draw in the customers like they predicted. All the get goes appeared very busy, with customers lined up to buy gasoline, backing into pump lines, and generally a real pain to buy gas.. So I have decided to avoid get goes altogether, back to the pre promo days when I bought gas where convenient on my schedule. I no longer care about points for buying gas since there are none.... Its sad when a company ruins something that really worked well. I buy a lot of gas driving for my job and would save 20% on food every couple months and buy 300 bucks of food each time, saving 60 bucks each time:) saving 360 bucks on food:) It will take a tremendous amount of gas at 3 cents off per gallon to equal 360 bucks. All the other cometitor gas stations will be thrilled to get their customers back. Me?? we will be test shopping other grocery stores, I really wish a wallmart would go in on mc knight.


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