Connecticut School Shooting: North Hills School Superintendent's Letter to Parents

The district also outlined its emergency notification and security procedures.

North Hills Emergency Notification System

In the moments after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school Friday, officials in Connecticut were able to contact parents through a reverse 911-call system. A similar communications system exists in the North Hills School District.

All information would be sent immediately to parents via a phone call to the number listed on the district's GlobalConnect system. This number is the same one used for weather-related delays and cancellations.

An emergency E-link would be sent to all subscribers, and information would be be posted on the district website and social media platforms. As well information would be included on the Newsline phone number.

The district's communications coordinator also would be in touch with local news media ensuring that correct and factual information is being shared with the community.

North Hills Emergency Drills/Security

District buildings regularly hold drills to prepare students and staff in the event of an emergency. All district schools are locked throughout the school day and require visitors to use a monitored buzzer system to gain entry

Statement from North Hills School Superintendent Dr. Patrick J. Mannarino

The tragic events that have occurred in Connecticut serve as a stark reminder that America’s schools are not immune to violence. On behalf of the North Hills School District, I extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family, friends, faculty and staff that has been touched by this tragedy that claimed so many lives in a Connecticut elementary school. 

North Hills School District remains vigilant in its commitment to safety. A district wide, comprehensive safety plan was implemented in 1999 and is updated annually. All district schools are locked through the school day and require visitors to use a monitored buzzer system to gain entry. Once inside, all parents and other visitors must sign-in at the office, where they are issued a visitor’s badge.

Our first priority, as always, remains the safety and welfare of our students and staff. We thank you for your cooperation in these efforts.

Share Your Thoughts

How are you handling all of this with your children? Earlier this week, before the shooting, the Butler School District voted to put retired, armed state troopers in the schools. Would that make you feel safer, as a parent? Share you thoughts on all of this in the comments box below. 

Tammy Lopez December 15, 2012 at 01:05 PM
I would feel alot safer sending my kids to school if they had some kind of security.. im terrified to send my kids to school i cant believe what this world has come to. I am prayin for everybody involed in this my heart goes out to all the parents at this time i cant even imagine what they are going through.. ive cried over this its so sad that none of them babies will get to live thier lives :(
Shauna December 15, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Im mortified . My heart and prayers go out to all families involved. I would like to offer my support or anything that may help these families out in there timeof need. I would like to start an organization that fights against violence in schools . This is starting to become to common in schools we as parents have to stand up and fight for the safety of our kids. We are no longer living in the times when we were growing up (70 or 80's). Im ready to make a stand I dont want to wait to see what school will be next!


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