North Hills Football Only Team In Area Using Concussion-Prevention Jerseys

Some teams are also practicing neck exercises each practice to prevent head injuries.

Photo credit: Xtreme Procision
Photo credit: Xtreme Procision
North Hills School District athletics have embraced new concussion prevention techniques and products to combat head and brain injuries in student athletes.

The district’s varsity football players are the only entire football team in the area utilizing specially-designed practice jerseys and tackling pads that visually teach young players how to make the safest tackle.

Created by North Hills alum and former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker LaVar Arrington, each jersey and pad shows football players where to place their hands and heads to not only take down their opponent but also protect themselves from concussions. 

The products are part of Arrington’s Xtreme Procision line and were donated by Highmark Health Services as part of a partnership with Allegheny Sports Medicine.

In addition to the football products, the district also implemented a neck strengthening training routine for North Hills’ boys and girls soccer and football teams. According to a study released earlier this year by the Colorado School of Public Health, overall neck strength is a significant predictor of concussions.

Previously, North Hills students were educated on neck exercises during training, but this season marks the first year that daily exercises and techniques are incorporated into daily team practices. 


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