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How to contact me for Michigan Patch sites: beth.dalbey@patch.com.
I'm a longtime community journalist and started with Patch.com in 2011. My career has been solely focused in journalism, except for a brief detour in 2007 when I joined the communications department of a scientific research institute studying the evolution of language in bonobos and other gret apes. I left journalism for that brief 3-year period because I knew it would be an adventure – it was!– and worked as a freelance writer and consultant after that position was eliminated in 2010. Beliefs Politics: I’m a registered independent. Generally, I’m more Democrat than Republican, particularly in federal and state elections where ideological differences separate candidates. At the local level – where the decisions of boards and councils have more effect on the quality of your life than the acts of Congress and legislatures – I will vote every time, regardless of party affiliation, for the individual with the best ideas to make our communities more livable. In the spirit of self-disclosure, I was the communications director for a political campaign in 2010. I took the job not because the candidate was a Democrat, but because I thought he had bold ideas that should be part of the conversation. Religion: I grew up attending the United Methodist Church in my small hometown. It was a great foundation that taught me most of what I believe is right and wrong. I believe in a supreme being. I respect others’ right to believe what they believe, as long as they’re not proselytizing on the taxpayer’s dime, and I think this whole business of seeing everyone who does good works as an angel or every marvelous outcome as a miracle cheapens both.
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