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My name is Darci Faiello and I am a lifelong resident of Ross Township.  When I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a BS in Psychology, my sights were set on the world outside of where I grew up.  I never imagined that I would settle in the same area that I grew up in, yet the pull from family in the area and the draw of a charming community sucked me back into Ross Township.
I spent a portion of my life working in the professional world of sales, marketing, and recruiting while dabbling a little in a side of Internet.  I earned my MBA  through an online program as I embraced technology and since that time, have tackled the nuances in technology with a "jump in feet first" mentality.  However, sometimes that leaves me with a burning itch to throw the laptop out the window just for the pure joy of seeing my frustration smashed into little pieces. I am currently tasked with the most difficult, yet rewarding job I have encountered......raising my son.  He truly is my greatest accomplishment while also being the biggest source of aggrivation, but I love watching him grow and blossom.  My job, for the moment, is raising him. I still "dabble" on the internet with several projects I am working on and I am now embarking on a new adventure with the Patch as I blog about things in and around Ross Township.  I hope that you will join me as I share with you "A View From Holly Hill!"
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